Pushkin Kachroo, Ph.D., Ph.D., P.E.

Work at UCBerkeley (2013-2014)
Books(in progress):
Journal Papers:
  1. Paper in Print
    Title: Analysis of the Godunov Based Hybrid Model for Ramp Metering and Robust Feedback Control Design IEEE Transactions on ITS, 2014 (Expected))
  2. Submitted Paper
    Topic: Travel Time Dynamics: Theory and Applications
  3. Submitted Paper
    Topic: A New Static Traffic Assignment using Density Based Travel Time
  4. Submitted Paper
    Title: Feedback Coordinated Ramp Control using Distributed Modeling and Godunov Based Optimal Allocation
  5. Submitted paper:
    Title: Model based Methodology for Validation of Traffic Flow-detectors by Minimizing Human Bias in Video Data Processing
  6. Submitted paper:
    Title: The Min-Plus Algebra of Transportation Network Reliability based on Information Theory
  7. About to be Submitted
    Topic: What I don’t know can hurt me: The impact of knowledge on safety
  8. About to be submitted:
    Topic: Framework for Traffic safety Culture using Latent Variable Modeling
  9. Preparing for Second Round of Reviews:
    Topic: Societal Awakening:Proactive citizen-consumer response to privacy concerns
Working Papers:
  • Blotto Games on Networks
  • Observability on Transportation Networks
Control Seminar Talk:
Seminar Page (Sept. 16) ; Presentaion Slides Semiautonomous Group Seminar on Godunov Based
Hybrid Model for Ramp Metering (Sept.20) ;
Lecture Series (Mathematical Analysis):
Course on Resilient Networks (Spring 2014):
Class Page
Topics Covered
  • Graph Theory
  • Network Models and Dynamics
  • Algebraic and Spectral Graph Theory
  • Game Theory on Networks
  • Random Graphs and Networks
  • Resilient Observability, Controllability, and Control
Monograph (Resilient Networks):
Draft Book