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\[ \forall \mathcal{O} \supseteq A , m^*(\mathcal{O})\geq m^*(A) \] \[ \Rightarrow \inf \{m^* (\mathcal{O})\} \geq m^*(A) \] \[ \therefore m^{**}(A) \geq m^*(A) \ \ \ (1) \] \[ \because \forall \epsilon > 0, \exists \mathcal{O}, \ m^{**}(A) \leq m^* (\mathcal{O}) < m^*(A) + \epsilon \] \[ \therefore m^{**}(A) \leq m^*(A) \ \ \ (2) \] \[ (1), (2) \Rightarrow m^{**}(A) = m^*(A) \]
"The gender divide is not determined by biological forces.
No society or subgroup leaves social sorting to natural processes.
It is through social and cultural mechanisms and their impact on cognitive
processes that social sorting by sex occurs and is kept in place by the
exercise of force and the threat of force, by law, by persuasion,
and by embedded cultural schemas that are internalized by individuals
in all societies."

Great Divides: The Cultural, Cognitive,
and Social Bases of the Global
Subordination of Women